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Újházi Adrienn (SRB)

In the same year she got enrolled in master studies at the same faculty,course of painting. She is currently completing her master's studies and working as a substitute teacher at the „Bogdan Šuput” High School of Design, teaching subjects.

During her studies, she has received several scholarships and awards, among which she highlights: The Annual Award of the Department of Fine Arts for the most successful art in the disciplines of drawing and painting (2018) - Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. Winner of the award "For the highest results achieved at European and world competitions" in the academic year (2017-2018) at the studies of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in the Painting department.,also noteworthy accomplishments for the school year 2017/2018 she received a reward from the National council of the Hungarian national minority of Serbia Winner of the first prize of the Organization of the United Kingdom Alumni Association in Montenegro - MAUK, Award Contest "Farewell to the Balkans? Goodbye, BALKAN! ". In 2019, she was invited to Montemero Art Residency by iksvy art as a workshop instructor for organic material (SCOBY) making and alternative art production. Her participation in this project was supported by a grant from the European Cultural Foundation, which is based in Amsterdam.

Since 2011, she has been actively participating in exhibitions and art colonies locally and abroad. She had a few solo exhibitions in Serbia (Novi Sad, Subotica, Sivac, Apatin, Kikinda, Belgrade), with several collaborative exhibitions with colleagues of her generation. She has participated in international collective exhibitions (Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Germany). She has exhibited more than 60 times overall. She has participated in over 10 projects and She was a cordinator and curator of the project „Shock Junior“ which was realized in colalboration of Shock Cooperative with Bulevar Books Librarian. Since 2013, she is an active member of the gallery "Shock Cooperative" - Novi Sad, Serbia. Since 2017, also a member of "Híd Kör Art" - a cultural magazine for young people in the Hungarian language in Novi Sad; Since 2019 Member of the Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina, SULUV - Novi Sad, Serbia

Adrienn directs her work towards examining the relationship between man and nature itself, which includes the fields of ecological art and bio art in the form of various visual media such as: painting, drawing, video, installation.


The name of the series An introduction to Biophilia is the beginning of a cycle and research into natural materials. All artworks are 100% biodegradable and shaped out of an experiment and research in a new cultivated material called ‘SCOBY’ (simbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasat). Biodegradable materials are becoming a popular replacement as consumers demand green alternatives, materials that can break down and doesn’t effect the environement.

Each work of art from the series contains ’SCOBY’ material in combination with other natural or recycled materials. The processs of making an artwork takes at least 3 month to cultivate the plant based and organic cellulose (SCOBY) and afterwards at least two months to focus on the aesthetics and to prepare the presentation in the glassbox.

The organic works are part of the series called "Biophilia," which are based on human unconscious consumption. The idea of the piece is to point to ecological crises and disasters, specifically the pollution of planet Earth and a simulation of consumerism in the future. The symbolism of strong light and colors that illuminate the delicate noble natural material „SCOBY“ have their ironic meaning, stating a consumer approach, that is, a simulation of our choices of making the right decision. I create an organic image with the help of a biological process from SCOBY, which is an acronym for symbiotic bacterial and yeast culture, where bacterial cellulose is produced during the fermentation of black / green tea. By using tap water, with and without filters, I measure and aesthetize our environment through polluted waters. During cultivation, various flecks, pieces of buds appear and the color of the surfance of teh material . The work consists of different sized pieces of dehydrated and fixed cellulose, which I stack on top of each other to obtain the desired density of the material. By stacking / collating glass-based materials that are plant-based, the work takes on an abstract form. The observer should get the desire to get as close as possible to see more details, smell or touch the material. Uncertain contact with nature in man’s subconscious mind is always present. The „effect of biophilia” is to stimulate the production of serotonin, which is a healthy and happy hormone, while observing a part of nature and having contact with something that is natural. Therefore, works from the biophilia series, made by natural process will be enriched with elements of color and light, and will have the function of a light box. From an artificial source, the texture and condition of the bacterial cellulose will be even more emphasized. Playing with the connection of the observers and the works themselves, they gain interactivity, dynamics and ambiance in space. By applying artificial light and technology, I inject man's power to manipulate nature. They can change the colors as they desire to get a better feel of the work.

The name of the series “An introduction to Biophilia” is the beginning segment of a cycle and research of natural materials. These works take the form of a miniature experiment, notes of thought in technological research.

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