KIV Inside Outside

KiV Inside | Outside 2018/2019

Enjoy sculptures framed by a unique decor!

In addition to the well-known indoor exhibition (KiV Inside, March 16 till March 31 2019 ), an outdoor exhibition (KiV Outside) will be held simultaneously in 2018 and subsequently also.

KiV Outside is a surprising exhibition of images that takes place from Saturday 10th of March till the end of 2018 in the magnificent setting of the Château St. Gerlach estate.

KiV Inside has become a name among art lovers since the KiV Foundation has been organizing the Kunst in Valkenburg art event in the treasure chambers of the Gerlachuskerk for 11 consecutive years. An extension of the collaboration with Oostwegel Collection resulted in organizing a sculpture exhibition in the gardens and park of Château St. Gerlach a few years ago. KiV Outside, unlike KiV Inside, is free to visit. Spread over the estate visitors can admire sculptures from different materials (wood, stone, plastic, corten steel, stainless steel, terra cotta, etc.) from various artists from home and abroad.

KiV Outside 2018 is organized by the initiators of KiV: Giardino Galerie & Beeldentuin and Marx and Marx Limburg art in collaboration with Château St. Gerlach.

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